Wuyi Hecheng iron art Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and has a history of 20 years. Its trademark "Hecheng Tang" is registered. Formerly known as "Wangcun Precision Foundry" established in 1992, it is located in Wuyi, known as "hometown of fluorite and hot spring city", with convenient transportation.
Hechengtang is a company specializing in the production of cast iron teapots with health care technology. In the professional spirit of inheriting tea culture, we use teapots, which are the tools of tea ceremony, to meet friends with teapots. Adhering to the attitude of "professional casting and careful inheritance", the company carefully casts a variety of teapot products by using traditional production technology and modern technology. The company has strong technical force, strict quality control, complete specifications and various colors. The patterns are matched with plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. The products are exquisite and beautiful, simple and elegant. They are a collection of practicality, health care, viewing and collection. They are actually the best products in the tea ceremony. As a result of the sincere efforts of Hecheng company, it is deeply loved by tea lovers from all walks of life. Its products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States, and are favored by new and old customers The company meets friends with tea and warmly welcomes your presence.
Health care process Cast Iron teapot series product description
Scientists have long found that iron is a hematopoietic element. Adults need 0.8-1.5 mg of iron every day. Serious iron deficiency will affect intellectual development. Experiments have proved that the use of iron utensils such as cast iron teapots and iron pans in drinking and cooking can increase the absorption of iron. Therefore, using a cast iron teapot to cook and drink water can release iron that is easy to be absorbed by the human body (because the iron dissolved by iron utensils is ferrous = divalent iron, which is easy to be absorbed by the human body), so as to supplement the needs of the human body and prevent anemia. This product is specially treated in the process of manual casting, and then sprayed with Japanese heat-resistant food grade coating or enamel to make it not easy to rust. You can use it at ease. instructions
1、 Cast iron teapots should be thoroughly rinsed for the first use.
2、 The cast iron teapot is boiled once, the water is boiled and poured out. When there is residual temperature in the teapot, wipe the cast iron teapot with a dry cloth.
3、 Repeat more than a few times.
Brand concept
Tim - in the production process, add the formula of trace elements beneficial to human body developed by hechengtang, which can not only improve the iron quality, but also supplement it to water when boiling tea and be absorbed by human body.
Work - the interior of the iron pot is treated with a unique process, and the interior of the iron pot is treated with Chengtang "stainless iron" process, which not only has the effect of paint and porcelain, but also has the function of iron.
Precision - the precision casting process is adopted, and the process is cumbersome and complex, so as to ensure the exquisite and durable iron pot.
Iron - iron material made from special iron ore and special technology in the north. The iron pot made from this has the beauty of mountain spring and is very suitable for making tea.
Spring - when you use this pot to boil water, you put pure water into it, but what flows out of the spout is mountain spring water, just like a mountain spring.
Boiling - it is the most difficult to boil tea Hou soup. If it is not cooked, the foam will float, and if it is over cooked, the tea will sink. It is difficult for ordinary tea sets to observe the difference between one cooked, two cooked and three cooked. The cover is heated unevenly, and the iron pot made of pig iron can be clearly distinguished.
Supplement - raw material iron contains trace elements beneficial to human body, of which iron is the most, and these elements will penetrate into water. When making tea with water, it will be combined with tea polyphenols and vegetable alkaloids in tea, which is more beneficial to human absorption. Water and tea have the effect of mutual gain. Tea contributes to the absorption of trace elements, and water is conducive to the absorption of nutrients in tea.
Art - the iron pot is exquisitely made, which itself is an extremely exquisite work of art. The wall of the iron pot is thick and has a stable atmosphere; The whole body is dark, showing the legacy of simplicity and elegance.

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